ASSYST is on the leading edge of technology and is always seeking associates who want to join our efforts in innovation. The work environment is fast-paced and dynamic while fostering excellence and personal growth with employees who think and operate as owners. ASSYST provides a climate in which employees can reap rewards, gain professional training and development, and instill personal pride in their work.


Job Description Job ID Job Location Date Posted
Applications Developer, SharePoint AppDevSP - 120216 Sterling 12/02/2016
Administrative Assistant AA-10112016 Washington DC 11/30/2016
Senior Java Developer JavaDev- 09212016 Sterling, VA, & Washington, D.C. 11/30/2016
Senior Technical Writer SrTechWtr - 090816 Sterling, VA 11/30/2016
Configuration Management Specialist - Jr. CMSJR- 090716 Sterling 11/30/2016
Configuration Management Specialist- CMDB CMS-CMDB-090716 Sterling 11/30/2016
Configuration Management Specialist- DevSW CMDevSW- 090716 Sterling 11/30/2016
Deputy Program Manager DepPgmMgr-08032016 Sterling, VA 11/30/2016
Program Manager, CMS PgmMgr CMS- 07132016 Sterling 11/30/2016
Rational Tools Engineer/ Administrator (Senior to Expert) RationToolEng07052016 Sterling, VA 11/30/2016

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ASSYST is an equal opportunity employer