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Hephaestus Services for
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services for health data interoperability
  • FHIR®Spy
    Metadata exploration solution that analyzes, aggregates and correlates data in multiple formats from multiple sources...
  • FHIR®Bricks
    Mapper for preparing data shared between Healthcare systems utilizes a defined schema specification and allows data validation...
  • FHIR®Proof
    Parsing engine that parses, indexes, restructures and validates data into a readable and consumable format used by other Healthcare systems...
  • FHIR®Wire
    Data exchange transmitter that provides users the ability to transmit Healthcare information across networks...
    Prepares data for analysis and creates reports, dashboards and data visualization...
  • FHIR®Break
    Open API framework for enabling transactions and secure message/document based exchange between Healthcare systems...

Cloud Optimized Architecture

Hephaestus Features

Built on FHIR® Specification

Open Source, Distributed Cloud and Scalable

Zero Trust APIs for Authentication

Analytics & Reporting

What People Say

ASSYST consistently delivers quality deliverables that exceed our needs... ASSYST provided robust and effective solutions, and we were very pleased with the support and deliverables.

- CO, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

DOD/DHRA has been incredibly pleased with ASSYST... They have consistently exceeded expectations for both technical operations and DevSecOps services. The quality of work completed has surpassed expectations and made all of our systems better.

- CO, Defense Human Resources Activity

ASSYST has delivered quality services to the FDA... The technical team provides excellent service to the FDA ensuring the systems remain operable, and the team has been instrumental in resolving data interoperability issues with the gateway software by delivering innovative technical solutions based on our FHIR data standards program.

- CO, Food and Drug Administration

Given the distributed nature of the cloud and the growing number of capabilities and deployment models, agencies should consider moving or adding security and privacy controls to the data layer itself... .benefits related to scalability and speed-to-market utilizing mature agile development practices, and DevSecOps, and the use of automated and assistive technologies are improving systems, applications and security...

- CIO, U.S. Executive Office of the President

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations and appreciation for your efforts in earning several of the Best of AKO Awards...

- Major General, U.S. Army

ASSYST has consistently demonstrated a superior technical approach, high level understanding of complex regulatory requirements and superior conformance and delivery. ASSYST provided highly reliable, technically proficient, and effective solutions and delivered four major and several minor software releases per year that implemented regulatory functionality required by the Commission.

- Assistant Director, Securities and Exchange Commission

I could not ask for a better team. They are well-grounded and consistently exceed expectations. I echo the appreciation of the ASSYST team and look forward to partnering with them on other implementations.

- OHR Director, Montgomery County Government

I am writing to express the immense gratitude that the Agency owes your ESG team for not only their day-to-day commitment and efforts. They simply are the best team I have ever had experience with and I've been in this work for 15 years now. Please relay my kudos to all ASSYST team members for their daily excellence...

- COR, Food and Drug Administration

The overall quality of ASSYST support services for the Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) system has been exceptional. Their services went beyond in fully addressing the business needs of HRSA by providing excellent technical and management services with program management oversight to successfully accomplish the objectives of the task order. ASSYST performed exceptional in providing support in the areas of automation, modernization, and functional activities for HRSA EHBs.

- COR, Health Resources and Services Administration

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