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State and Local

Assyst provides award winning service to State and Local government. The strength and commitment of the partnership Assyst has with State and Local government is one based on quality, responsiveness, and value. This commitment has resulted in Assyst becoming a nationally recognized service provider and a multiple NACo award winner. Applying our Software Engineering Institute-Capability Maturity Model Integration (SEI-CMMI) and principles of PMBOK, we have integrated our management approach into all aspects of our delivery system so that State and Local government can benefit from a tested and proven methodology that contributes to successful programs that accomplish the respective mission.

Assyst's strong performance is derived from combining highly skilled technical staff with strong management and mature processes. Functional areas where Assyst excels include project definition and planning, system implementation and deployment, cost-benefit analysis, business analysis, project management, quality assurance, information security, and business continuity and disaster recovery. Assyst uses its workforce planning approach to manage the overall process. Our methodology provides a framework to support strategic planning and re-sourcing. Assyst has a dedicated IT organization, to support the State and Local government. Assyst has implemented an EVM (Earned Value Management) program that allows early prediction of service risks, enabling mitigation without adversely impacting the contract. This approach greatly reduces the possibility of missing milestones.

As a dedicated IT organization, Assyst is always driving information technology that can significantly improve our service offering to State and Local government. Assyst proactively explores emerging technologies and helps organizations achieve high performance by unleashing the power of technology to improve and simplify business processes. Assyst's technological innovation is results oriented, and it helps the government attain the right balance between operational efficiency and business innovation while ensuring an integrated IT solutions strategy that addresses technology infrastructure, application services and its alignment with enterprise architecture components such as business, information, application, and technology architecture.

Several solutions developed and implemented by Assyst have received awards and formal recognition. Assyst's domain and agency experience in State and Local government is highlighted in the following table.


Domain Expertise Agency Experience
  • Case Management System
    • Case Tracking
    • Civil
    • Clinical Records Management
    • Criminal
    • Juvenile
    • Mediation
    • Pre-trial
    • State Attorney
  • Career Website
  • Children's Alert Network
  • Educator Information System
  • Electronic Citation System
  • Electronic Charity Campaign Management
  • Electronic Personnel Action Form
  • ERP Package Integration
  • Financial Disclosure Solution
  • Integrated Benefits Processing and Self- Service Technology
  • Integrated Justice Information System
  • Length of Service Award Program
  • Local Small Business Reserve Program
  • Pension and Group Insurance
  • Personal Scorecard
  • Taxation
    • Business Tax
    • Meals Tax
    • Payment in Lieu of Taxes
    • Property Tax
    • Tax Auction
    • Transfer Tax
  • Total Compensation Statement
  • Transportation
    • Bus Operator Timesheet
    • Capital Investment Reporting
    • ERP Package Integration
    • Tracking Systems
  • Tobacco Restitution Accountability
  • Unique Student and Teacher Identifier
  • Board of License Commissioners
  • Budget Management
  • Circuit Court
  • Correction and Rehabilitation
  • Education
  • Engineering Services
  • Environmental Protection
  • Finance
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Health and Human Services
  • Human Resources
  • Judiciary
  • Office of the Courts
  • Police Department
  • Public Works
  • Technology Services
  • Transportation
  • Treasurer