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Assyst helps organizations align their IT investments with their business objectives, allowing them to achieve the right balance between operational efficiency and business needs. Our Business Alignment service offering adopts a consultative model that enables organizations to engage us at a strategic level to improve their business processes, design an enterprise architecture framework that addresses current and foreseeable needs, articulate a solution that meets the need for storage, archival, retention and exchange of data across multiple systems or  define a security policy to prevent proliferation of fragmented and overlapping identity and authorization mechanisms within their organization.

Assyst’s Managed Service offering allows organizations to source IT engineering and maintenance services from us, enabling you to focus on your core competencies and on increasing market penetration and shareholder value. We invest in understanding your business challenges and strategic goals, and help identify and implement a comprehensive technology solution that helps you realize a measurable return on investment. Our proven P-3 service delivery model leverages our strengths in Program, Project and Process Management to ensure successful completion of every Managed Service initiative. Coupled with a flexible and scalable engagement model offering using a blended team of onsite and offsite resources provides our clients with a low risk alternative for  their IT needs.