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Mobile Application Service

With the proliferation of Smart Phones, Tablets and other devices, today’s workforce has become increasingly mobile. The ability to access real-time data on the move has become critical in today's rapidly evolving market. Assyst's Mobile Solutions Team delivers mobile solutions to customers in the Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), and Enterprise Mobility segments. Services offered include:  

  • Mobile Strategy Consulting
  • Website and Web-Application Migration
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Application Deployment, Tracking, and Analytics Services
  • Mobile Device and Solution Testing

Assyst has comprehensive expertise and extensive experience in building rich, dynamic native and web-based mobile apps that support smartphones, tablets and other handheld equipment. We have a large team of mobile application developers who use programming languages such as Objective C, Java, and C++ to build native applications that run on operating systems such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Using technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 for layout, and JavaScript for functionality, they have also been building web-based applications. Going beyond, they have been using cross-platform frameworks like SenchaTouch and JQTouch to build dynamic, touch optimized interfaces that adapt gracefully to a range of device form factors. 

Mobile Strategy Consulting:
Assyst's enterprise mobile strategy consulting practice has over fifteen plus years of experience in enterprise software and mobility, and have demonstrable abilities in helping companies become better-run unwired enterprises.  They identify the areas of greatest business opportunity, create a long-term mobility vision and develop a roadmap for leveraging mobile technology that is designed to increase productivity, reduce costs and increase revenues. They have profound knowledge of the mobile market, business models, technologies, market opportunities and risks as well as advantages and limitations of all main mobile technology platforms. They are thoroughly knowledgeable and have extensive experience working in different mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, Android et al, developing web apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and more recently Adobe Flex. They are also familiar with popular web languages, frameworks, and libraries, and know how each fits into the mobile, web app/RIA landscape.

Mobile Application Development:

Assyst's HTML5 team are well versed in creating designs that offer easy service portability to any connected consumer device, as well as a rich, interactive user experience natively in the browser. Our HTML5 development team uses tags and APIs for improved interactivity, multimedia and localization, freeing them from reliance on proprietary plug-ins such as Flash, QuickTime, and Silverlight. They also have experience with tools like Sencha, Iwebkit and others. This allows us to deliver the most unique and advanced HTML5 development services to meet all client requirements. HTML5 has an asynchronous nature that allows easy rendering of pages with JavaScript. With the addition of HTML5 capability, businesses can now provide a richer user experience across multiple devices, platforms and operating systems. Clients can now become fully mobile as they can enjoy client side databases, geo-location capabilities, and advanced animation and media rendering.
iPhone Native Apps
Assyst’s development team is intimately familiar with Xcode, Debugger, Interface Builder, and the Instruments toolset.  Our standard methodology is to develop first for the simulator and then target the specific devices (iPhone or iPAD).  This ensures a quick debug cycle to flush out the early issues and then test on the actual hardware. Code is deployed in production only after successful trials on Beta devices. The User Interface is thoroughly mocked up using Interface Builder (IB), which allows all screens and the screen control elements to be reviewed even before developing the applications.  
Assyst has developed capability across all layers of the core pieces of iPhone OS.  One of the most critical aspects of development is adhering to iPhone Human Interface guidelines to develop applications that have a modern look and feel conforming to global iPhone standards.  Our development team is familiar with the development APIs across several versions of iPhone OS ranging from older generation OS 2.x all the way up to latest iPhone OS 3.1.3.  Assyst’s development team is also conversant with the iPhone OS 3.2 features meant for the iPAD device. 
Android Native Apps
Google’s Android OS can be easily customized, as it includes middleware that does not differentiate between the phone's core applications and third-party apps. The Android SDK provides developers with all the tools and APIs necessary to develop software on the platform using the Java programming language. Assyst has a team of professionals experienced in using these APIs to build apps that can run on all Android devices. They manipulate Android's APIs, debugging tools, handset simulators and sample code to create effective, risk-free Android-powered solutions. Since Android is open source, it can be easily extended to other technologies as they emerge in the future
Windows Mobile Native Apps 
Windows Mobile is a compact operating system that comes with a suite of basic Windows applications for mobile devices. Devices that run Windows Mobile include Pocket PCs, Smartphones, Portable Media Centers, and on-board computers for certain automobiles. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Assyst has a team of experienced and professional Windows Mobile developers who have been developing applications that run on the Windows Mobile platforms. Assyst also offers app migration / porting services from Windows Mobile to other mobile platforms and vice versa.
Mobile UI Design Services
The User Interface (UI) is the bridge between the user and the system. UI design therefore has a crucial role to play in ensuring the usability, usefulness and efficiency of a software application. Leveraging the capabilities of a team of highly talented graphic artists and UI specialists, Assyst designs graphic interfaces that are aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate, thus enhancing user experience. Assyst uses HTML5 and CSS3 to build rich content and style sheets to support different devices and form factors.  Our recent experiences with mobile applications include bringing mobile banking services from 320 financial institutions to more than to 400,000 registered users covering more than 800 models of mobile devices running on various operating systems.

Mobile Device and Solution Testing:

Apart from mobile application development, we also provide production support. We respond to customer-reported issues, and have them resolved within a specified period of time based on criticality. We also provide retained QA services. We offer comprehensive testing coverage based on location, language, handset manufacturer, wireless carrier, operating system and more. As an independent testing service provider we put together the appropriate Testing Processes, Methodologies, Tools and Techniques to systematically test mobile applications. Our approach towards QA activities is based upon the fundamental principle of starting the testing lifecycle concurrently with the development life cycle. Testing continues in parallel with development, and testing processes are integrated at the most effective points in the development cycle. Apart from ensuring bug-free solutions, our testing methodology also lays down a path for constantly improving test activities – reducing execution time and effort, offering greater predictability and repeatability, and improving coverage and traceability.
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